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[09 Jan 2029|02:10pm]
IC CONTACT - Texts, Email, Voicemail, Tweets, etc

OOC CONTACT - Scene requests, Questions, Comments, Drop Box, etc.

Third person story book preferred.

Random scenes okay

Adult scenes okay


Comments screened for privacy.

[08 Jan 2021|01:04pm]
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[28 Aug 2017|05:33pm]
Allison Argent
Allison Argent
Character Name: Allison Argent
Age: 18
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Canon point: Her death
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Het
Inventory: Nothing
Wiki Link: here

Appearance: Brown medium hair, jeans, blouse or tank.

Personality: Allison is caring, sweet, and agile with a natural talent for archery. Unlike her grandfather Gerard and aunt Kate, both of whom murdered werewolves regardless of their innocence, she believes in the Argents' hunting code. ("Nous Chassons ceux qui nous chassent", which is French for "We hunt those who hunt us") like her father, Chris Argent. Allison is corrupted by Gerard, who emotionally blackmails her into attacking innocent werewolves, but she soon realizes her mistake. She hates the feeling of being weak and uses her training to take care of herself in dangerous situations. She spent the summer in Paris, then came back, remorseful what she had done, taking a vow to not hunt. She quickly broke it to help the pack she hunted months before and befriend them as they went through the next big bag who came to Beacon Hill, which took her life.

Powers & Abilities:: Allison is a trained hunter. She is skilled self defense and in using a bow and arrow, skilled in making her own arrows.
PB: Crystal Reed
Link to Icon: here


Player Name: Fi

[14 Aug 2017|08:42pm]

[23 Jun 2017|07:34pm]
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For [info]cortezmods [26 Aug 2016|10:36am]
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[16 Feb 2016|03:59pm]
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[12 Jan 2016|09:36pm]
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